About Susan

photo (1)Susan lives in Corrales, New Mexico with her husband, their Standard Poodle, and their pet goats.  She began writing poems and short stories a few years ago and has never had so much fun.  Susan’s writing has been published in various journals and anthologies in Texas and New Mexico.

She is a native of the Southwest, where her body and soul have spent her entire life.  The Southwest is where both she and the characters in her writing are at home.

Susan was born in Pueblo, Colorado, a little over nine months after her father returned from World War II.  She moved with her family to Albuquerque just in time for her to start kindergarten.

Her childhood years were spent mostly in Albuquerque.  After graduating from the University of New Mexico she went with her husband, Andy, to Tucson where they both attended the University of Arizona.  She remembers her college years fondly as a time of “Peace, Love and the Hippie Revolution.”  She can no longer fit into her college “bell bottom jeans” or “tie-dyed shirt”, but has never lost the optimism of that time.

After college Susan and her husband “main streamed” their lives and moved to Fort Worth, Texas, to pursue their careers.  It is there that they raised their only daughter, Amanda.  They lived most of their Texas years in the rural area west of Fort Worth with a variety of goats, dogs and cats.  They even at one time had the adventure of owning a donkey.

Susan is enjoying being back in New Mexico and loves living in the quaint village of Corrales, situated to the north of Albuquerque and the south of Santa Fe.

She still continues to work as an attorney, specializing in the area of adoption.  It was as a lawyer that Susan learned the skills of technical writing.  One day she came home after a particularly difficult day as an attorney, looked her dogs and goats in the eye and said I am going to write for fun.  She began with poetry and expanded into short stories.

She wishes she had a formal education in creative writing but has compensated by taking every workshop she could.  Her favorite is the Taos Summer’s Writing Conference sponsored by the University of New Mexico.  There is something magical about the backdrop of not only the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, but the historical influence of artists and writers such as R.C. Gorman, Georgia O’Keeffe and D.H. Lawrence.

Perhaps the major influence in the development of her writing has been the established writers in the New Mexico literary community.  She thanks them all for their acceptance, advice and encouragement.